Event Productions

We do cater for event production through your video production needs around your corporate functions.

Often it is assumed that this only entails “the filming of an event”. Well, yes it is that – but then there is so much more to it.

Pre Production. Your Top Dog cant make it to the event? Have her, or him recorded earlier for screening at the event. With a few tricks we make it look like a live link, so your audience gets the impression the broadcast is “live on air”. Cheap, but often appreciated effect.

Taboo. Johannesburg prime night club destination in Sandton, Johannesburg contracted camera13 to embed video services into a sponsored party event. Hennessy received a 13 minute Event Video, with Interviews, etc; they received a 1 min 33 sec clip for Internet purposes, plus a 13 sec clip for mms utilisation. The later become an invitation clip for upcoming events.

Video Invitations: Do you have a guest list? Well sent them a video invite. Email, or even via mms.

Make the most of your event – after it has passed by. Upload a party clip, or event clip, make it partof your social media. Dont know how to put it on youtube? We do that for you.