Transition Filming

Camera13′s speciality is transition filming or architectural filmmaking over extended periods of time. We like to call it transition filming.

If requested, we set up with Motion Controlled Camera in HD high resolution technology, allowing for time lapse and real time “audiovisual storytelling”.

Soccer World Cup 2010, we have provided a crew for FIFA Films, including the Final Match 64.

During that period we were allowed to work away from briefed scenario, establishing video transition effect combining visuals from different days into the same shot. FIFA is currently using this generated material for a tutorial film.

This film shall assist future World Cup hosts to identify how FIFA operates in locations and why.

Camera13 has developed a technique to accurately film from identified spots again and again. Even after years, we achieve accurate results. Here is one example that was created for a Video Tutorial for FIFA Films. Please note that the effect was created with a standard tripod assisted by laser range measurements techniques. This style can be adopted for camera motion controlled scenario.

The effect is useful for anything that showcases dramatic changes over extended periods of time. Landscapes, or larger architectural changes, Carbon Offset Projects, Reforestation, or a new office block.


Projects include upgrades of Stadiums, filmed over four years of time.
Transition of Petrol Stations, New Company Headquarters, or Reforestation Projects.