TV Commercial Productions

Looking for a TV commercial production company in Africa? Creating a successful TV advert can be a complex and challenging process. Not only do you need to get your message across in a very short amount of time, but you need to ensure that the story you tell is gripping and compelling in order to translate the advert into sales for the client.

At Camera13, we’ve been filming and producing TV adverts for a number of years.

We work with large corporates, ad agencies and independent directors to make sure that everything from pre-production and scriptwriting to filming, post-production and station delivery runs smoothly. When you partner with us, you will be partnering with a team of TV commercial producers who go the extra mile to understand your business, your marketing goals and the message that you want to get across.

Why you need the best TV advert production When it comes to TV advert production, you can’t afford to cut costs and take chances with regards to your production team. Ad space on television is expensive and TV advertising is more competitive than ever before. To stand out, you need to be more creative, know your target audience, commit to staying on brand and produce high-quality, compelling content.

Screening your advert at a cinema near you Many of our clients also consider screening their adverts not only on TV – but also at local cinemas. Sterkenikor and NuMetro both have the capabilities to feature adverts via D-Cinema, hence your ad goes out more local and regional, rather than Nationwide.  We produce in accordance to digital cinema specifications.

What sets Camera13 apart from other TV commercial production companies is our personal approach and attention to detail. We’re not simply trying to get a job done – we’re invested in your ad and we are dedicated to producing a commercial that will get you the results you want.

If you want to hire a TV commercial company that has in-depth knowledge of what works and produce an advert that will interest viewers, then contact us today.

Camera13 was contacted by “”Little Luxury Water Filters” to create an advert, highlighting their offering in South African retail stores. The turnaround time from Phonecall to On Air product was less than one week. Happy Client.

Camera13’s client in DRC, Kinshasa benefited from our flexibilities and Quick turnaround time, after their initial contracted production house withdrew from the project, due to political instabilities around Run-off elections late 2006. We were informed that rebel troops had withdrawn from positions in town.

Two advertisements were shot. Language on set was predominantly French, with two English translators present at all times. During the first production, we assisted the post-production with technical expertise, incorporating HD P2 workflow and actual edit, in accordance to clients storyboard. The second product was entirely post produced by Camera13 in Johannesburg.

This production was visually enhanced by swift genorosity of Lanseria Airport’s Management and staff. Due to obvious reasons it is not easy to shoot commercially at such a busy International Airport.

Although the provided idea that led to the first storyboard was much simpler, we believe to have captured the spirit and motivation of our client SOS Medical Assist to produce a good representation of what the company is about.

The Medical Patient transfer from Gabon to South Africa is precise and taps into a superb medical network, assisting a growing number of people to restored health.