Web Videos Productions

Some of us have heard the praises of progress in doubling the video hours by users consumed, just in the last year, with 90 % of all online users watching video content. YouTube already the second largest search engine in the World, by design and acquisition, has many players in the market following to take a chunk out of the new digital cake. Companies throughout the ranks and business types are growing their digital footprint, creating what is called “Digital Real Estate.” Hence Video Content Production has become an integral part of many marketing strategies, supported by web design and SEO based marketing agencies. Video productions for APPs’ is a new, but growing market segment, often best used in the context of intro clips to complex scenarios and video testimonials, based on sociologically proven “people believe people “ scenarios.

  • LIVE STREAMING Allow for caution when opting for a full uninterrupted live stream of your company anniversary. Without going into detail of many reasons many companies have an urge to speak about regrets of certain incidents. Now unforgettable, courtesy your upload via shares and likes, maybe even gone viral… Guess what, bigger companies, Sporting Events, FiFA games have allowe3d for a small delay in live streaming, to fix technical hiccups, or unwanted scenes, as the Brand Protection is sovereign.
  • Live Streams can be extremely useful and effective, if control is exercised to guarantee control of the brand promise.
  • Protecting your brand, staying in charge of the narrative and story-telling. If it works for the Housewifes’ of Atlanta, or for the Khardashians – it shall work for You too : Scripting
    • Trailer Production 4 seconds? 30, or one minute?
    • Fact is, the time for 10 minute videos – or done – unless found via shorter marketing clips, to provide longer niche products, mainly for entertainment purposes.
    • Marketing Video Average preferred under 4 min

Video as a marketing tool is more effective than the written text, as it seems to motivate the viewers to engage with the content. The Chinese based video platform TIKTOK has registered 28 seconds as the average engagement rate through users. Most of camera13s’ material is used in some form or the other on Social Media, as many of camera13 national and international clients choose to output videos to Social Media Channels, paralleled by Television Broadcasting. The online versions of video content, traditionally dominated by television will shift to online, outgrowing the ratings and views achieved by shows, movies, etc. clips, fast.

Direct Social Media Video intervention sample here:

During the recent South African election campaign camera13 was tasked to uplift a barely existing and disintegrated social marketing of a small South African party. In this context we produced a range of video products to feature as a social media marketing mix, on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and on National South African Television – in form of paid advertisement campaigns. Please have a look at this link : This particular example was viewed more than 5000 times in a period of just 40 days. We are not sure about the extra “viral figures” as the clip was shared 180 times. Different phases of the election triggered off a variation of products, incl. a piece about Mandela (Find Below) Mandela / Meshoes Parliament. Our main idea for the social media mix was to create awareness through Push to Pull campaign clips, guiding the audience to view longer more detailed products on Youtube, with durations up to an hour long documentary.